Conflict resolution today

Ein Workshop. Tausend neue Impulse für nachhaltige Konfliktlösung. Vertragen wir uns?

“Conflicts are easier to resolve – if we know how.” – Andreas Franke

“I have to argue? There is nothing I have to!” – Eric Horn

Quarrel that leaves us cold does not deserve our attention. An argument that has our attention does not leave us indifferent anymore. But why can it be so difficult to achieve goals together? 

Conflicts in the business environment can be frequent and very complex and have serious effects. Often those involved suffer from the situations, especially if they remain unresolved for a long time. 

Dealing constructively with conflicts is therefore a key competence for mutual success in everyday work.

This workshop is aimed at employees, managers and those involved who want to make progress. From personal attitude to dealing with employees; in the event of a dispute there are many ways to influence the situation constructively. We support you in resolving conflicts – at all levels. Practical techniques from de-escalation and conflict resolution give you valuable impulses and create ideal conditions for improvement.

Get involved in interesting and new perspectives and learn common ways to success in our workshop. Because we know how – and so can you.